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Second Hand Washing Machine UK

We built this websiite to help you find a replacement washing machine and to give you an idea of how to spot a bargain, but also how to spot and avoid a blooper.

We also list local second hand appliaces for sale near you. Just either select your town, or pop your postcode into the box above. As we said, many are used, some are ex-didplay, but there are also heaps of brand new, unwanted gems too.

Why would anyone sell their own machine?

There are many reasons. Maybe somebody bought an applaince which won't fit in their new kitchen, but they can't return it. Maybe a seller recently upgraded or downgraded their existing machine and have one surplus to requirement. Maybe somebody received a washing machine as an unwanted gift or inheritance. Whatever the reason, you can usually pick up a real bargain.

Are second hand ones any good?

How long is a piece of string? We like to think anyone who is likely to sell a washing machine is doing so in good faith. We suggest you read our "Do's and Don'ts" article here before buying a machine from anyone.

Latest listings

If you'd like to see local washing machines for sale, use the city and postcode options at the top of this page.

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